Stop Unnecessary Kissing In Movies – Nana Ama Mcbrown

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Beautiful Ghanaian actress and movie producer, Nana Mcbrown has added her voice to the call for avoiding unnecessary kissing in movies.

The actress who found mainstream success following her rousing performance in the Twi-language movie, Nsem Pii on Radio Univers suggested that the Ghanaian value should be at heart when shooting a movie than paying attention to the financial benefits the kissing scenes will come with.
The actress stated that kissing in movies cannot be faked or omitted but should be done when needed.

“If you really understand movies, you will realize that kissing cannot be deleted from it but there are some kissing scenes which are really not necessary – the scenes doesn’t call for kissing. Just because the person is your partner does not necessary mean you should kiss.”

“Kids of today have access to the internet and many things which they can use to get hold of our movies at any point in time so as a Ghanaian, you should exhibit our culture, tradition and values first”

She added that “kissing doesn’t belong to the western world but for human beings and that doesn’t mean you should do it anyhow in movies”
The actress born Felicity Ama Agyemang revealed that some kissing scenes are unnecessary but shot in movies for advertisement sake.

“There are so many scenes that do not call for it but because they know if they show those scenes in adverts it will sell the movie then they shoot it. I will read the translate the script with you and if the scene does not call for a kiss, it will be omitted” Mcbrown told Abrantepa, host of the show.



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