Take Me To Court If You Feel Insulted – Arnold Asamoah Replies Wiyaala

Take Me To Court If You Feel Insulted – Arnold Asamoah Replies Wiyaala

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Entertainment Pundit, Arnold Asamoah Baidoo has dared singer Wiyaala to seek a restraining order from the law courts to stop him (Arnold) from commenting about her on entertainment shows.

According to Arnold, he can’t stop discussing matters regarding the singer.

His reply comes after Wiyaala, a couple of days ago, snapped at him and other entertainment commentators claiming they don’t recognize her in the entertainment industry.

She mentioned Arnold Asamoah Baidoo in a video she posted on her Instagram and warned him and others to keep her name out of their discussions saying she’s not an ”idiot”.

”If I don’t count in this industry or if I don’t count or I have never been counted as part of this industry, then don’t discuss me when you’re talking about the showbiz or show business in Ghana. You can’t always mention my name and turn around say ‘oh shout to Wiyaalabut she doesn’t count because she and her manager are concentrating abroad, doing international stuff.”

”Why won’t I concentrate there? Why won’t I do that? Why? And then the music industry is dead because Kakie, Ebony and Mzvee, all of sudden are no more doing music. You can always call them back. Can’t you?” she questioned.

Wiyaala believes she is not appreciated because she doesn’t expose her skin.

”Since the rest of us you think are not controversial enough. We’re not showing skin enough. We’re not insulting each other enough. We’re attacking each other enough so that you can get something to write and then you can take us to the slaughterhouse or take me into the slaughterhouse, divide me into pieces, say all kinds of manner of things about me or us.

”You think some of us are idiots? We should come and fool because we want to win Artiste of the Year and then what next? What do we get from that? In Ghana, there are no royalties…So, some of us might not be the most intelligent but we do have brains to understand that when you do foolish songs just because you want to get attention and win some few awards, you’re fooling yourself or when you try to get involved in this kind of industry that it doesn’t make sense”, she fumed.

Speaking on the issue on Okay FM’s “Best Entertainment” with Halifax Ansah Addo, Arnold Asamoah stated point-blank that “for me not to talk about her is mere fallacy. It’s not possible…Once she is an entertainer and counts in the music industry, when a topic is raised concerning her, she cannot stop us from speaking about her. Unless of course, she goes for a court order to restrain us from talking about her but, even with that, it will be difficult”.

To him, if Wiyaala feels insulted or defamed by any entertainment pundit, she should use the appropriate medium to address her concerns and not go on social media ranting and raving.

“When we say something about her and she feels is defamatory or derogatory or affecting her brand, then she can do the honourable thing by taking us to court”, he said.

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