The Berla Mundi Exclusive (Fashion, Style, Make-Up & TV)

The Berla Mundi Exclusive (Fashion, Style, Make-Up & TV)

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Fashion they say fades but style is eternal and normal the Iconic Marilyn Monroe once said is boring. This month we were privileged to interview beautiful, sexy ,bold and ambitious TV & Events Host Berla Addardey (Berla Mundi) on fashion,her style and upcoming make-up line. We also topped it up with a  mega shoot in collaboration with womenswear brand naadugh for their first lady collection. Have an awesome time reading this interview.


Hello, Berla. Welcome to Perruci. How has your day been?

Berla Mundi: It’s been good, I just got off air, so you can imagine; a lot of fun and excitement. I’m just relaxing right now

Okay let’s have our first question? Are you a fashionista, fashionable or stylish?

Berla Mundi: Well that’s a tough first question. Hmm…let me see. Honestly, I think I’m just stylish because I think ‘fashionista’ is like hard core fashion and I don’t exactly do that. I mean when I wake up in the morning I just want to wear something that looks good; a fashionista will go through a whole lot of trouble to find out what’s in vogue and all that. I just like to look good, so I’m guessing that’s just being stylish.

Describe your personal style.

Berla Mundi: My personal style, like I said, I wear what I feel like wearing. I don’t really have a personal style. If you look at my style, you can’t really tell what direction I’d take because I wear anything that looks good. I find a dress that’s cute; or a pair of jeans and a T-shirt that I can rock with heels and it looks good, I just go with it.

Do you have a stylist?

Berla Mundi: I actually do have one or two of them, yes. But most of the time I still do my own styling on the side so that’s how it works.




A little bird told us you are into makeup

Berla Mundi: Actually yes.

So tell us about Berla and make-up

Berla Mundi: Okay, the thing is. I’m pretty ambitious and initially I wanted to be a makeup artist aside being on TV but then I realized that a lot of people were into makeup too so I suddenly came up with this brilliant idea to produce my own products so these makeup artists will use on other people. So that’s how the story of Mundi Make-Up Factory comes from, currently we are testing the samples at the factory and hopefully launch soon.

Awesome. You wear a lot stylish outfits on and off screen. Tell us the rapport between you and your stylists and designers.

Berla Mundi: I do have a very good rapport with them. We have an agreement. Basically they understand the nature of my work and the fact that our jobs go hand in hand. So why not make me look good and in the end I make people aware of your enterprise.


What are your favorite brands and designers?

Berla Mundi: Honestly if you ask me that I don’t know. I’m not really a brand person all the time. If it comes to watches of course I like Michael Cors because it’s very popular. For shoes I like Zara because they are comfortable. I don’t stick to one thing. If i walk into a shop and I see a nice dress without a name on it, i would still buy it.

Where do you shop?

Berla Mundi: I shop everywhere. I could come to your house, see something nice and ask to buy it. That’s how bad it is.

So you can go to Kantamanto and shop

Berla Mundi: Of course!!! Who doesn’t go to ‘kant’. It’s just that I haven’t been there in a while because I feel sick when I go there but then c’mon, everyone goes to ‘kant’. There must be something wrong somewhere if you’ve never gone to ‘Kant’ (Laughs).


Alright, so let’s talk about Miss Malaika. Berla in 2010 you were second runner up in Miss Malaika I mean you are basically a beauty queen. How has miss Malaika promoted the brand “Berla Mundi”

Berla Mundi: Obviously, Berla wasn’t a TV Presenter when she was in Miss Malaika. Berla was just a girl with dreams of being on TV and owning her own make-up line. Miss Malaika was a stepping stone. It has made me more eloquent, stylish, and confident because we were groomed . Miss Malaika is the reason I am who I am. They gave me this amazing platform to be loved by so many people and sometimes I don’t even know why I’m loved because I don’t see what I do. The same organizers are the owners of GHOne TV so that’s how I got to be on TV. It’s been a win-win situation for me since Miss Malaika.



What are your beauty elements and beauty rituals?

Berla Mundi: I try my best not to go to bed with make up on. We all know the myth that women grow old fast when they sleep with their make up on. For my skin, though most people don’t believe me, I just use cocoa butter, people ask me all the time what my secret is and when I tell them cocoa butter they think I am kidding. I do use Mary Kay products for moisturizing and stuff and Mac too. But then I don’t go the extra mile, I thank God I’m blessed with a good skin.

berla-2 b

What are your favorite trends this season?

Berla Mundi: Get me boyfriend jeans and I will wear them any day, any time. I am so in love with them. I love Baby Ts as well. It’s like my thing all the time. I love dresses, but not just any type. But basically just get me boyfriend jeans and baby ts and some heels and I’m good to go.

Have you had some bad fashion days?

Berla Mundi: Oh, I have those all the time. Sometimes I put on stuff thinking they are fab then I see the comments and I’m like; “Oh My God”. I have had some bad comments, I remember one time at the Ghana Music Awards, Naadu made me this fabulous dress and I was feeling all pretty and stuff, but then someone was like it’s a good dress but the shoes and hair and make-up were a no-no and I was wondering how on earth that happened. So yeah, I have had some pretty bad days but thankfully people always point out my mistakes and I try never to repeat them


Okay. Let’s be naughty. Wardrobe malfunctions!

Berla Mundi: Sometimes my bra sticks out, so you can call that a malfunction because as a lady your bra shouldn’t be sticking out. One other time, my slit got torn so bad that my ass was showing and I was in public and I had to hold it together the whole time. That was a classic low.

What won’t you be caught dead wearing?

Berla Mundi: I’m sorry but the sneakers with the heels?! You’ll never see me wearing them. I mean they look good on some people but for me that’s definitely a no-go area.


Let’s talk about Naadu. All of a sudden we see her everywhere, even on Miss Malaika and that is what we are all for, the big names pushing the lesser known brands. How did you meet her?

Berla Mundi: Naadu is actually one of my most favorite people ever. She is like as family friend, she’s actually my mom’s best friend. That’s how I met her. When I started TV, that’s when she also started with her brand so we began to work hand-in-hand. I think that’s what has pushed both us to our current statuses. She knows what looks good on me.

What is your view on African prints?

Berla Mundi: African prints are a yes, yes, yes!! As long as it looks good, sure, why not. I feel we need to promote it more because that’s one tradition that we should be proud of .

We saw you on Miss Universe 2014, still one of our best moments. What effort went into that?

Berla: Well, it all comes down to my doing TV. The organizers contacted me to host the event. At first I thought it was such a big deal and that I couldn’t do it, but then I accepted. To tell you the truth on that day, I was a nervous wreck. I actually had to pause, ask for a moment before I carried on. It was such a big moment for me and I’m so proud of myself. I’m really grateful to the for that wonderful opportunity.


Let’s talk about Miss Malaika again, all of a sudden, we see Berla on our screens for the Miss Malaika mid-week show. What is that about?

Berla: The midweek show simply shows viewers all the things that don’t make it onto the Sunday episode. I remember back when I was a contestant I told the organizers that I wasn’t just there to win a car and a crown, I want to make a name in TV presenting and I remember telling them that I would like to take over should Naa Ashorkor ever leave. So that’s how this whole TV thing really started. Over time, they figured out a way to fit me in and realized I was good at it so when they thought of the midweek show I was the first person they had in mind.

Say we raid your closet this minute. What will we find in there?

Berla: A lot of colorful stuff, a lot of belts. I’m really a belt person. And a lot of shoes.

What’s the most expensive item in your closet?

Berla Mundi: Hmmm. This comes with a pretty good story. So I was travelling and we had to transit right, and the transit country is so cold I had to get a sweater. Trust me we combed the whole airport for a sweater and only found one. You know how Ghanaians like to convert prices abroad to cedis. That sweater cost almost 1500 cedis. It’s not my most expensive item but that was one thing I wish I didn’t have to buy so I’d consider that my most expensive so far.

Paris, London, Milan ,New York. Where will you shop?

Berla Mundi: Paris!!! Anytime, any day. Are you kidding? I keep talking about how I was born in France and how I’m going to marry a Frenchman one day. Why on earth won’t I go shop in Paris. I love that city!!! I think London is cool as well but I’m down with Paris.

Your fashion tips?

Berla Mundi: Don’t put on anything that doesn’t suit your body. Always take your body into consideration. Secondly, if you are no good at makeup don’t bother. It’s better to look like a housemaid than a scarecrow trust me. And please never wear sneaker heels or whatever they are called. Those are the worst!


What can’t you leave home without?

Berla Mundi: My bag. I have everything in there. I can live off my bag for weeks. If I leave it behind, I’m leaving my whole world behind.

Do you have people who shop for you.

Berla Mundi: I do have people abroad who do so occasionally but I’m usually very picky so I do most of it all on my own

Does TV give you any pressure to look good?

Berla Mundi: Oh my god!! you have no freaking idea. It does!! Sometimes I wish I was on radio because on TV you always have to look good and I’ve come to realize that people actually look forward to seeing what I will wear onscreen so I need to keep the standard.

Where do you get your hair from??

Berla Mundi: I actually have a sponsor that’s the great thing about my job. They are royal court hair based in the states but they have a shop in Accra and the they give me hair for every appearance.


We have heard so much about Berla Mundi and Karenkashkane. What’s up with Karenkashkane??

Berla Mundi: Karen has been my stylist for a very long time. She owns a shop and is a designer on the side. She tells me what will look good on me and what I can wear. We have quite a good relationship. So yeah I usually wear her stuff too

Are you her muse??

Berla Mundi: As long as we benefit. Yes

Who are your top 3 stylish men?

Berla Mundi: David Beckham is definitely on my list. The guy is so stylish. It’s not even funny. I think he should get paid for dressing up. He is that good.

John Germain is very stylish as well. He is always looking good.

Finally, is this guy on Instagram. He’s a designer in the states. Musika Frere. He’s good.

Who makes it into your top 3 stylish women??

Berla Mundi: Of Course Sandra Ankobiah is always on the list. Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna makes it onto my list too.

What would you wear to a dinner date with that special someone?

Berla Mundi: I’ll wear a really nice dress with heels.


You seem to love photos. Are you a model??

Berla Mundi: I do, I love smiling. I won miss photogenic during miss malaika so that explains it. I do have a lot of photos I’ve not released yet. Well I wanted to be a model but I don’t have long legs so I decided to do TV instead but sometimes I do commercial modelling on the side.

Let’s Play Our Two Word Fashion Game. Hats Or Bags

Berla Mundi: Bags

Pumps Or Heels

Berla Mundi: Meeehn!!! Heels because of the work I do but I’ll wear pumps on a normal day.

Perfumes Or Body Splash?

Berla Mundi: Perfumes any day

Sunglasses or Watches

Berla Mundi: Oh no don’t do this to me

Watches and Sunglasses (giggles)


Short Hair or Long Hair

Berla Mundi: Long Hair. I can actually do a lot with my long hair

Our Final Question. Necklaces or Earrings

Berla Mundi: Earrings. I actually wear a particular pair most of the time. They’re studs and very classy. I love them

Thank You Berla for spending time with us. It’s been wonderful. We hope to see you on the red carpets this year serving us style and art with the clothes you’d been rocking

Berla Mundi: Thank You for coming. It’s a pleasure. (laughs) This is pressure but I hope to do a very good job and silence all the fashion police and critics


Celebrity: Berla Addardey

Photography: Cyril Jnr Photography

PhotoCredit: Nii Djarbeng Lightville  & Mel Arthur GH

Styling  & Clothes Designed By : Naadu Tetteh (Naadugh)

Interview By: Team Perucci




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