The frustration that pushed me to record ‘Inflation’

The frustration that pushed me to record ‘Inflation’

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Sarkodie out of nowhere recorded “inflation” song talking about how bad the economy of Ghana is.

The rapper in his recent interview with MTVIggy has revealed why recorded that tune.

In a lengthy story, Beverly of MTVIggy wrote;

Sarkodie takes his own advice when it come to writing songs fellow Ghanaians and Africans can relate to.

He has bars about love, sex and the rap game, but he also has topical songs so specific they sound like the transcript of a parliamentary session.

For example, the terse “Inflation (Ghana Economy)” deals with Ghana’s monetary issues and the Fela Kuti sampling “Dumsor” vents frustration over Ghana’s regular yet unpredictable power outages.

The latter was part of the campaign he took part in protesting Ghana’s energy problems.

As far as the energy crisis goes, he says,

“That’s something that I feel directly. When the lights go off but you want to record, you have to tell the producer, ‘I’m sorry we don’t have lights, can you come tomorrow.’

I might be talking for the people of Ghana, but I’m talking for myself as well. When I talk about the currency.

I had to change $5,000 and I was going to the UK, I had to get like 20,000 Ghana Cedis and it didn’t make sense to me. That’s what actually made me go and write a song on the situation in Ghana.”


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