There Were Times My Performance Wasn’t The Best – Actress Kafui Danku

There Were Times My Performance Wasn’t The Best – Actress Kafui Danku

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Sexy Ghananaian actress , Kafui Danku looks every inch the girl in the magazine many men would want to have under their lockers for a glimpse now and then, either for motivation or stimulation.

But the bad news is that the curvy, almond eyes, ebony beauty is taken. She’s been sentenced to a lifetime of bliss in another man’s arms and she seems to like it- very much.

“I mentioned earlier that my husband is a perfect gentleman; I don’t think anything will make us part ways. We’ll be together forever” she once told Potpourri in a chat. Isn’t that rich in view of the fact that celebrity marriages hardly ever survive.

She has done her share of good movies and her latest effort Happy Deathday starring Nigeria’s Alex Ekubo, Ghana’s James Gardiner, Elikem Kumordzie of Big Brother Africa Fame and others, has enjoyed positive reviews from movie buffs and critics. Though the actress said the movie brought out the best in her but she confessed that her best hasn’t always come off being the best or even good enough.

“Yes, there are times I feel my performance wasn’t the best. Sometimes, I feel embarrassed either by the role or the way I interpreted the role. I sincerely must accept that roles were not put across perfectly” she confessed to Potpourri.



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