They are just trying to distract me- Kafui Danku On haters

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Movie producer and actress, Kafui Danku, on Friday lambasted people she said are publishing fake movie arts of a work she apparently produced.

The actress said an artwork of a movie was sent to her and “has been photo-shopped” in a way that does not flatter her image and reputation.”

Taking to her facebook page to address the matter, she said it was the handiwork of people who are after her.“It’s really sad how people want you down so badly that they spend all their time devising means of ruining your reputation,” she wrote.

According to her, the poster which is meant to advertise a movie titled ‘Destined’ came across to her as a joke when she first saw it.

“Initially, I laughed about it and thought it was all one big joke and then I woke up this morning with all kinds of messages on my phone…Well, I just want to let my fans who don’t know me personally that, I’ve never shot any movie called ‘Destined’.”

“I’ve also not worked with those other artists on the poster. I’m sure someone is just trying to distract me, knowing that we’re seriously working hard at producing another fantastic movie.”

Kafui Danku is currently on set producing a new movie titled “Happy Deathday”, and says all her movies are of high quality and the said movie, ‘Destined’, can never be compared with any of her works.

“…our genuine fans, I want to let u know that I’m not distracted at all. We’re still shooting HAPPY DEATHDAY and this won’t stop us. If you follow the movies I feature in, you can tell that the poster of ‘Destined’ is fake and definitely not my kind of movie.”

Happy Deathday features Nana Ama Mcbrown, Alexe Kubo, TooSweet Annan,James Gardner,Salma Mumin, Elikem Kumordzie the tailor and Kafui Danku herself.

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