They Think I’m Crazy…

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Actress Ella Mensah seems to know exactly what people say behind her back. “I know they say I’m crazy because of the way I clothe myself”, she told Showbiz last Tuesday.

“I don’t care what people think about me because no one feeds me. I think about myself first before anyone other person and I believe this is what has brought me this far. If I had listened to criticisms, I don’t think I would be where I am now.”

The 27-year-old actress has the knack for dressing rather sparsely exposing sensitive parts of her body. Yet she appeared very aware of her dress style and confirmed to Showbiz that it is what she wears that does the magic for her.

“Somehow, I feel happy whenever people complain about what I wear because that is what brings me attention”‘ she said. “I look different from my colleagues when I dress this way”.

Known for movies 11am, Born Killers, Treat Her Like a Lady, My Private Part, Royal Beauty, Crazy Chicks, In a Woman’s World, Malaysia Babe’s and Educated Housemaids, Ella Mensah said that one thing she told herself when she started her acting career was never to let anyone discourage her.

Ella made her debut in Crime To Christ in which she played a prostitute alongside actor Majid Michel and a host of others.
She has been described by many as ‘wild’ actress because of the roles she has played in movies Playboy, Pretty Queen, Her Excellency, Bed of Roses, Deadline and Shakira, Ella says nothing is stopping her from what she loves best.

Although she has acted in so many movies, Ella said she is not popular in Ghana because she is mostly based in Nigeria.

“I am mostly in Nigeria shooting that is why I am not that popular in Ghana but I believe when I relocate back to Ghana, my name will be everywhere”.

Ella attended Aburi Girls Secondary School and continued to Trans African College.


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