Tribe One Festival with Nicki Minaj, Efya, OTHERS cancelled

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The much publicised Nicki Minaj concert in South Africa is off, organizers say.
In a statement, Rockstar 4000, blamed city authorities for lack of on-site service delivery.
The City of Tshwane was to hold the September 26-28 event, which also had J Cole, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis as sparring headline acts.

“TribeOne Festivals regrets to announce that the inaugural TribeOne Festival, set to take place in Cullinan on 26, 27 and 28 September 2014, has been cancelled,” the statement read.

It further read: “Site preparation and related infrastructure development required to host the Festival, being the responsibility of the CoT, fell behind schedule to a material extent, such that it was no longer realistically possible to stage and deliver the Festival to the scale and quality that the organizers had always planned.



“Under the circumstances, and despite efforts to seek alternative arrangements, the organizers have had no option but to cancel the event.

“TribeOne Festivals apologises to all of those who were looking forward to the Festival – both the ticket holders, and the international and local performing artists who were booked by TribeOne Festivals for the event.”

All ticket holders Rockstar 4000 says, “will be reimbursed.”
A huge opening it was going to be for the Ghanaians acts (FOKN BOIS, others included), it’s all gone awry now as Rockstar 4000 continues to do repair to a brutally bruised image.
Other African acts were also billed to perform.

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