Up Your Game To Stay Competitive – KSM To Comedians

Up Your Game To Stay Competitive – KSM To Comedians

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Ace comedian and satirist, Kwaku-Sintim Misa, has urged Ghanaian comedians to put more efforts into their art to stay relevant and be competitive.

The celebrated TV talk show host is convinced comedians “knowing their stuff” and improving on their craft is a pre-requisite for a breakthrough.

“The comedians should concentrate of their craft, I want them to improve on their craft, I want them to be very fluid and flow and once we have a body of comedians that know their art so well, that flow, that deliver, then we can get to the next step,” KSM said on TV3.

He observed the current crop of comedians springing up in Ghana have by far been impressive.

“I’m very, very happy with the state of comedy. Now there is a whole variety of people and they are doing extremely well”, he said, citing James Brown, DKB, Dennis and others as example.

“I think there has been much improvement from the days I was reigning to the days we actually have a whole multitude of comedians”, he added.

Sharing his view on happenings in the local entertainment scenes, KSM regretted too much time is wasted discussing trivial issues to the detriment of the very things that directly impacts the industry.

“I’m interested in directors respecting their time, I’m interested in actors responding to their call, I’m interested in the industry paying actors what they are due, we can get these things together and we can find the name”, he said.

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