Van Vicker attacks Ghana Actors guild and also listen to response from the guild

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After sustaining a leg injury during a football friendly between the Ghana Actors Guild (GAG) and their Nigerian counterparts (AGN) at Kumasi Sports Stadium in March, African top actor, Van Vicker has expressed anger for being neglected by GAG during the period.

’I was first admitted at Sunshine Hospital in Ghana and later transferred to United states of America where I am still receiving medical treatment, but had to come to Ghana to continue with my movie shoot, and then go back for check- up,’ the actor narrated.

‘I believe one of the responsibilities of the Guild is to support its members, or support the interest of Ghanaian actors. I am a member of GAG and that was why I went to play for the Guild and also to represent Ghana in the name of the Guild. I was told that the match was to celebrate Ghana’s Independence Day and if for nothing at all, the Guild should have shown concern,’ he lamented.

He vented further that, ‘I think it is a sign of ingratitude, because it’s just like going to work for a friend and getting injured in the process and the friend turns deaf ears to how you are recovering’.

Speaking on the way forward, especially insuring Ghanaian actors, the handsome actor stressed that what happened to him could happen to anyone else and called for insurance policies for Ghanaian actors.

He also revealed that he has already started meeting different organizations on that, so very soon , Ghanaian actors will be informed on that.

Reacting to the allegation raised by Van Vicker, Mr Samuel Nii Odoi Mensah, president of GAG, retaliated  that the allegation is not true.

‘I personally called Van Vicker and I also ‘WhatApped’ him to check up on him because I was also sick that time and I couldn’t play active role in the match. I was frequently checking up on him, as well as actress, Emelia Brobbey, who did that on our behalf’ he responded.

He added that ‘If Mr Van Vicker is criticising the Guild because we didn’t support in payment of his bills, for that I admit and all I can say about it is that, our members don’t pay their dues for us to be able to support any member in cash. We would have supported him if we had the cash.’


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