Viasat 1 launches ‘jigwe awards’

Viasat 1 launches ‘jigwe awards’

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Viasat1’s flagship morning show, This Morning, hosted by Kokui Selormey and Patrice Amegashie has announced the first annual Jigwe Awards.

“The Jigwes” as the hosts refer to it, intends to award some key personalities that have not only appeared on the show but individuals, organisations and events that have attracted the most headlines and have been the most talked about for various reasons this year. The Awards, announced Thursday, include some hilarious and not too hilarious categories.

Commenting on the announcement, the head of Own Productions & Executive Producer at Viasat1 Sadiq Abdulai Abu stated that:

“We are thrilled to announce the Jigwe’s, staying consistent with our tradition of creating experiences and ideas that helps us to enhance the fun and excitement “This Morning” is known for and end the year with a bang. Last year we brought to viewers a hilarious re-enactment of the Christmas story, this year, we are adding the Jigwe’s and we intend to have lot of fun with it. This year as well, we intend to dedicate our end of year episodes to our cherished viewers for staying faithful to us throughout the year and helping us win two awards at the television awards.

The name of the awards was derived from a term mainly used by the show’s amazing hosts to describe the goodness of the show and everything positive & quality. The term is also used to describe the show’s audience and guests.

“The Jigwes” comes off LIVE on This Morning on 24th December, 2014, at 7am.

The producers of the show also announced that, this year’s Christmas story which will feature some celebrities will come off on 23rd December, 2014 at 7am. Last year’s show featured M.anifest as Angel Gabriel, the FOKN bois as the Shepherds, James Gardiner as Joseph and Michelle McKinney Hammond as Mary. The show also saw cameo appearance by Sarkodie and Rock Band from Nigeria.


This is a breakfast show that gives viewers something different to wake up to in the morning. A glossy magazine format combined with content that has substance, This Morning places emphasis on current affairs, fairly loose and light lifestyle based conversations that set the agenda and influence opinions every morning.

In 2013, the show won the best TV morning show of the year, best TV programme of the year at the Radio and Television Awards (RTP) whilst Patrice won the Best television morning show of the year.

This year, the show won the Oustanding music score and Oustanding TV morning show of the year at the television Awards Ghana.


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