(VIDEO) Poem: “The Last One” by Lucky Calebs

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Meanwhile, Lucky Calebs is a young filmmaker from Ghana currently based in United States.With much knowledge about the Ghana movie industry,He is set to bring a new breath of ideas to the industry when he returns to his Homeland.The Video poem(short movie features upcoming actors Alexander Osei and Francaise
Watch Video and poem after the cut……                                                                      

The last one I washed, you were the last one I washed, and of course my past.
The same issues we trashed were of course the last.
I left and met that laughter, and it was my best…for a moment I said wait I kept my heart in a cage, yes I was in sane. Reminiscing me in your lane, I realized your game; it was your way to fame.
Just then I said if it was your destiny, then it’s forever going to be insanity.

Would I have been the one your heart wanted, if I did not walk in the cold way that day, yes then I believed it was meant to be.
Soon my feelings became your frustration; little did I know all were assumptions, my heart my soul beautifully wrapped like coal.
Until my courage to move, I never knew I could move, goodness, yes goodness, you lost out on the plainness, my boldness, stress less, stainless.

All together in my box of kindness, just that one selfless among all, I was ready to be.
all my plans you shattered, my strength you lessened, my thoughts you abused, my strategies you suppressed, if only I knew I would have skipped listening to you that faithful morning, yes indeed, had I known.

In all you have made me strong, my heart can stand the largest abuse, yes I am now strong; my mind can stand the smartest swindle, in all I am glad that I moved.
Lucky told me


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