Vodafone Ghana To Embark On Waste Management Educational Campaign Soon

Vodafone Ghana To Embark On Waste Management Educational Campaign Soon

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One of the Telecom giants in the country, Vodafone Ghana has indicated its intention to embark on a waste management campaign soon to educate people about the need to properly dispose of waste like plastics, paper and electronic gadgets.

In an interactive session with a number of bloggers in the country, the Cooperate Communication Officer of the company, Mr Daniels Aseidu presented in PowerPoint form to the bloggers projects being undertaken by the company and those yet to be started.

Mr. Daniels explained why there is the need for a proper disposal of waste including electronic gadgets like mobile phones and outlined the company’s plans on how to help educate people on the proper ways these wastes can be properly disposed in line with their sustainability agenda. If you would like to control your own waste management, then it may be in your best interests to think about renting a dumpster at https://dumpster.co to get started.

“Another project that we have is proper waste management systems in line with our sustainability agenda. If you come to Vodafone today, we have designated bins for specific waste. We have for plastic, we have paper, we have for cans just to make sure that those that can be recycled are recycled and those that have to be disposed are properly disposed”. He revealed.

When asked whether there were plans by the company to make waste management education more nationwide, Mr. Daniels had this to say.

“We have started this (Waste management) on the small scale now, trying to educate people. We have started with staff and we’ve extended to those with whom we work closely with. If you come to our enclave with Ghana Commercial Bank, we are doing this particular project together.

So we have started it small, the intention is to scale it up and make it more of a nationwide campaign”. He stated.

Proper waste management has been one of the major challenges bedeviling this country with many governments struggling to properly manage waste produced.

Many have called on companies in the country who manufacture a substantial number of these waste to take it as a cooperate social responsibility (CSR) to help with waste management in the country. A step that Vodafone Ghana seems to be taking.



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