We Need Accountability, Transparency and Equality at GHAMRO -Says Reggie Rockstone

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Hiplife founder, Reggie Rockstone says he finds it more comforting that as part of the revolution to ensure fairness, transparency and equity in the distribution of royalties, an interim board of the Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO) has taken over.

Reginald Rockstone Ossei was among the several music right owners who took up the crusade to kick out the old GHAMRO board indicated, “just the mere fact that they are there and something is happening is more comforting.”

“The old system was terrible, and it has been a long road of so much discrepancies. But the beautiful thing about the whole thing is, here we are today talking about it and doing something about it,” he told New One.

Adding, “nothing goes on forever; and so this is a good day that we can acknowledge that there was some effort.”
According to Reggie, if the three main objectives for the revolution fairness, transparency and equity in the distribution of royalties are heeded to by the current GHAMRO administration, all the problems facing the organisation will be solved.

“It will go back to my original slogan, which is accountability, transparency and equality in the distribution of royalties,” he said.
He further noted that these three are very important to this revolution, and “once we set off on that note, everything else will fall in place like a domino effect. These things pretty much cover everything.”

“I don’t want it to sound like it is a witch hunt, but those three things mentioned above will bring us the answers to the issue of recommendation,” he stated.

Meanwhile, it would be recalled that Carlos Sakyi, the ousted Chairman of the Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO), was invited by the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service for what is suspected to be financial fraud and secret buying of a car without going through the legitimate procedure.

But Reggie Rockstone disclosed that the issues arising from the offices of the old GHAMRO are dicey and scary.
“With the issue about the car and the others before the CID, if we have to look at it for what it really is, then yes, it is criminal; and this is where it gets really dicey and scary,” he said.

Source: News One


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