Will You Play? Ghanaian Develops 3D Game #KakumForestRun

Will You Play? Ghanaian Develops 3D Game #KakumForestRun

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Imagine the total experience of thrills, anxiety, fear and fun all at the same time, while promoting Ghanaian Tourism through a viable 3D high definition graphics, that brings the Kakum Forest right into your palm. It is the total #KakumForestRun experience, which is set to delight you without ends.

Its here, your first totally Ghanaian conceptualized 3D game that promises more thrills than you would ever experience in any endless runner game in the world of games. #KakumForestRun is the first Ghanaian game that is viable, developed by Play233 a fully owned Ghanaian online entrepreneurship firm.

#KakumForestRun will be released on 28th November 2015, and will be available for FREE downloads on GooglePlay, App Store, and Airtel Appstore. It can be accessible on Android and IOS platforms.

It is crafted and developed with beautiful, high end graphics which depicts the Kakum National Park in the Central Region of Ghana. #KakumForestRun will at the same time promote Ghanaian Tourism; taking it to millions of global gaming audience.

Like their facebook page on facebook.com/play233 or subscribe to their youtube channel to stay up to date with alerts and lots of amazing stuff set to come your way.

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