Wisa, Luther clash over ‘Ekiikimi’

Wisa, Luther clash over ‘Ekiikimi’

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There is no doubt Ekiikimi is currently one of the hit songs ruling the airwaves in Ghana, but while the song keeps gathering more following, it seems all is not well in the camp of the two artistes who performed it.

Hiplife artiste, Wisa who featured Luther on Ekiikimi is peeved as to why the latter ignores him when performing at shows and has warned him to stop performing the song without him.

In a chat with Showbiz, Wisa real name Eugene Ashie said the song belongs to him and expects Luther to inform him before performing it anywhere; or invite him to mount the stage with him when he gets gigs.

“Although Luther is more popular than I am, I don’t expect him to perform my song without my knowledge. I never knew he has been performing the song until my fans started recording his performances at shows” Wisa said.

Wisa added that he confronted Luther about it and has asked him not to perform the song without him, but it seems that has fallen on deaf ears as Luther continues to perform the song anytime he mounts the stage.

Asked what his next action would be since Luther has ignored his request, Wisa said there is nothing he could do as it is now. “ I will do nothing. It is just sad a friend would do that to me. Right now my focus is on the remix of Ekiikimi on which I featured Sarkodie. It is my hope the song will travel beyond the shores of Ghana with Sarkodie now a part of it.

When Showbiz pointed it out to him that the remix of Ekiikimi was to spite Luther, Wisa who claims Luther has been his long-time friend said bringing Sarkodie on board was to make the song more popular since he is a huge artiste.

“The timing was right to release the remix and I feel getting Sarkodie to be part of it is a big plus for me. And I think I made the right decision because Sarkodie killed it. I have no regrets featuring him”, Wisa explained.

Talking to Showbiz, Luther on his part said he does not see any wrong doing. “ I do not see any reason why I can’t perform the song without Wisa. Wisa knows I have been performing the song without him and I don’t know why he is now complaining.

“If he didn’t want me to perform the song, he should have told me a long time ago but he did not so why is he complaining now. I know his friends are the ones poisoning his mind. They are the ones pushing him to do that” Luther said.

Touching on the remix, Luther said he loves it because the song is a good one. “I have no business whoever Wisa decides to feature on his song. I did my part on the original one and I am glad people like it”, he said.

Luther who says he has been in the music business for the past 16 years is known for songs such as We No Fear, Dormi Tamor Scc among others.

Enjoy the remix below:


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