Yvonne Nelson, Uche Jombo, Alex Ekubo & More in ‘Folly’ by Elizabeth Daniels | Get the Scoop+PHOTOS

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Nollywood actress cum producer, Elizabeth Daniels is set to release ‘Folly’, a new film from her production outfit. The movie ‘Folly’ is a star-studded flick directed by Alex Mouth with Veteran actress Joke Silva and Uche Jombo leading the array of stars in the award-winning film.
Other faces to look out for in the movie are Yvonne Nelson, Belinda Effah, Joseph Benjamin and Alex Ekubo.
Synopsis Rhoda has a perfect life until recklessness turns her world upside down. Almost 30 years later, on the verge of drinking herself to death, she is jolted back to her senses as she race against time to stop an ugly history from repeating itself!
Folly tells the melancholic story of love and sweet life gone sour. It highlights the thin line between promises and betrayal, how a harmless, thoughtless action can alter lives forever.
Check out some behind-the-scene images below!


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