Ghana’s Kacey Moore, casualty of Big Brother’s triple eviction

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The amazing Kacey Moore was one of three housemates kicked out of the BBA house on Sunday, November 2.

The action packed eviction night saw the gifted poet, his fellow housemate and talented comedian Arthur and the good-looking male model Luis also leaving the house upon Biggie’s request to have three competitors sent home.

The Rwandan, Arthur, was the first evictee and he said he is happy about getting the opportunity to show Africa what he is made of.

“My plan was not to come for the money. My plan was to get what will get me that money, exposure an I’ve got it now”

Although Kacey Moore’s departure got his Ugandan best friend Ellah in tears, the poet and songwriter thanked Africa for giving him an “early Christmas”.

“Tonight I’m having an early Christmas. I’m not sad at all. I’m happy that I get to see my daughter.”

Kacey is “Happily married” with one daughter.

In a recent interview, his wife, Leslie, said she was proud of how her husband was representing their family in the house.

Kacey is proud of himself too.

“I just want Africa to remember me as the guy who kept his marriage intact!” he exclaimed.

When asked who he wanted to win the competition, Kacey screamed “Ellah!!!”

Luis on the other hand is happy he has been given the opportunity to go and look for his Mira, the woman he met and fell in love with in the house.

Mozambique’s Mira was evicted together with Zambia’s Resa in the first eviction show.

Her eviction was hard for Luis as the two of them shared a passionate kiss with the Mozambican ‘hottie’ just days before her eviction.

Luis told BBA host IK he would look for her and see how they can continue their romance.

“I haven’t been in love for a very long time so me meeting an amazing woman like Mira and then losing her like that, it was hard …. I would have to go to Maputo to look for her” he confessed.

The Namibian model also explained why he wanted to run out of the house after Mira’s eviction.

“There was too much energy going on in the house and I couldn’t take it anymore”

Both Luis and Kacey Moore said Africa will see them doing a lot of things together.



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