Read Duncan-Williams’ Reply to Lydia Forson’s love proposal

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Founder of the Christian Action Faith Ministries, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams has finally responded to actress Lydia Forson’s marriage proposal saying he is “already taken.”
The actress in a witty and sarcastic letter to the Archbishop asked if she could marry him.

Her request followed a comment the charismatic preacher made in Church on October 26, 2014 about marriage being a privilege for women.

According to him, women must see men’s love proposal and decision to marry them as a “privilege” admonishing them to be grateful to men if they choose to marry them, rather than misbehave.

Portions of Miss Forson’s letter reads… “Can I marry you? I’m in dire need of validation and since the ratio of men to women is in your words “7:1″ I don’t want to be left behind. If you can’t marry me, give me one of the married men in your congregation. I will hold on to him like there’s no tomorrow.

Chai, like you I also speak the truth and I don’t care. So we will get on perfectly.
And I promise, with all my honor, that if you beat me, cheat on me, abuse my children and don’t even provide financially for me I will stay!!

Unlike other women, I want to continue to have value so I will stay married even if it sends me to the grave. I make wild k3k3.

…You’ve spoken the truth my dear, ignore all those unmarried bitter women who can’t stand it. Soon when you and I are parading our children in front of them, they will regret not taking your advice.
They will regret not contributing to society like we have. After all with all their beauty and brains what did they contribute? So you were a lawyer, or a doctor that saved lives, how’s that a contribution? Msteeeew.” 

But speaking with Joy FM’s Kojo Yankson on the ‘Joy Super Morning Show’, the charismatic leader turned down the movie star’s proposal politely.

“I’m flattered but I’m married. I’m already taken” he noted with a laughter.


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