I am disappointed in Ghana DJ awards – Dj Masta Jay

I am disappointed in Ghana DJ awards – Dj Masta Jay

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Award winning scratch DJ, Masta Jay has expressed disappointments in Ghana DJ awards for its level of credibility.

In a conversation with DJ Masta Jay, he stated that though he has not done much in the previous years as a scratch DJ, he has consistently and actively been on radio DJing and if for nothing at all he at least expects a nomination in the Best Radio DJ of the year category, but unfortunately this didn’t happen. It’s even been heard that Masta Jay started to look into dj finance to start financing some new and upgraded DJing equipment for himself for the future, in hopes of boosting his career and make a bigger name for himself.

“In the period that they use to nominate the DJs I have been active in other part of DJing, like I said with the scratch I haven’t seen myself much into it last year and this year but in other categories, I have been on radio for one year now and if they want to nominate me without my concern they could place me but then why didn’t they nominate me for Best Radio DJ or any other slot? But then they pin point and just put people there just to fill up their seats.”

He termed the situation as a very sad one and urged his fellow colleague DJ to wake up because at the end of the Merqury Quaye, organizer of Ghana DJ awards is a business man and will be aiming at making profit.

“I am disappointed in this award scheme for quite some time now, I feel so sad actually I feel so sad and I think they should wake up.”

Masta Jay plays with Antoine Mensah on Live style Café, LiveFM’s Mid Morning show.

source: Nii Ayi Mensah Lartey



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