I am prepared for showbiz criticisms – Eazzy

I am prepared for showbiz criticisms – Eazzy

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Eazzy is back with a great video. The sassy songstress in an interview with e.TV’s TLNCS revealed;

“There’s nothing like negative publicity. You just have to know how to spin things around. After the BBA, the year was good. I was nominated for Hiplife Artists of the Year and I hosted the show VGMAs. It’s just that as a person I’m growing and as you grow your audience grow with you. When you start at 23 like I did, you have energetic fans and as you grow you can’t be doing songs like Bend Down Low. There’s a lot of ways to stay relevant.”

Touching on her new video, Eazzy said;

“Ghanaians can’t stand nudity but I was just showing a little skin. With this Burning Love video for instance, they will talk but they are going to love it. Anything I do now people complain, even my mom mentioned it to me. That’s showbiz, so long as they are talking; I like it.”

The songstress also mentioned she was never going to give up on the industry.

“The industry is not going to make me give up. I will give up when I’m ready to give up. I don’t really get offended by what people say. I was the entertainment prefect for my school in 2003 and being an entertainment prefect, you are under so much scrutiny you have no idea. So this is not new to me.”


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