Let’s Not Forget Orphans Amid Coronavirus Pandemic – David Osei

Let’s Not Forget Orphans Amid Coronavirus Pandemic – David Osei

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Actor Prince David Osei has called on civil society organisations to also remember the plight of orphans in the unfortunate times of coronavirus.

In an interview with NEWS-ONE yesterday, he said the needy and orphanages stand a higher risk in the pandemic times like this, and therefore, asked all ? including his friends in showbiz ? to offer help.

“They have a big place for comfort but if folks don’t donate regularly and forget them, brother they might not die of the virus but hunger,” he stated on Twitter.

“Attention needs to be paid to the orphanage, most people can’t go there physically because of social distancing but I bet their moneys can go through Mobile Money (MoMo), so they can also stock the orphanage homes with foodstuffs or better still folks can donate foodstuffs to them following the precautionary measures,” Prince David added.

“I am calling on my friends and fans! Please in times like these let us not forget the needy and orphanages. Nothing is too small, because of social distancing, I have sent money through MoMo to the Potter’s Village,” he indicated.

Since March 24, 2020, Ghana has recorded 52 cases of the coronavirus pandemic. The figure keeps rising, and there are fears Ghana may lock down soon as a result.

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