Menaye Donkor Muntari to be awarded “Woman of the Year”

Menaye Donkor Muntari to be awarded “Woman of the Year”

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Mrs Menaye Donkor Muntari, wife of Sulley Ali Muntari, is to receive a prestigious award at this year’s Infant Charity Award which will take place in Milan, Italy on Thursday for her contribution to society.

The international stage has recognized her works through the Menaye Charity Organization Onus that has so far helped hundreds of Ghanaian children with quality education and health care.

According to reliable information, Mrs Muntari has contributed tremendously to the Ghanaian society for many years now and focusing on the welfare of the less privileged children in deprived areas of Ghana. The celebrity apart from providing free quality education at the “Menaye School of Hope” school located in the Central Region of Ghana, has also worked with over 600 orphans infected with HIV/Aids.

She has raised funds in many parts of the world and her home country Ghana to support this cause. Her hard work has not gone unrecognized in the Italian community where she organized a star studded Gala Dinner for two consecutive years in Milan which raised a substantial amount of money towards the Menaye School of Hope project.

Her objective is to establish nonprofit schools in all the deprived regions in Ghana under the Menaye Charity Organization.

The Infant Charity Award, is a yearly event sponsored by Regione Lombardia that recognizes organizations that work with needy children around the world.

There are 24 organizations nominated this year which are divided into different categories such as, associations that support medical research, the construction of medical facilities and hospitality that give psychological support and special needs to assist children and their families.

The event will recognize the “Make a Wish” foundation and UNICEF ??Italy as organizations of the year. The highlight of the night will recognize dedicated celebrities who work diligently to assist less fortunate and needy children.

This year’s Gala Dinner to be organized by Mrs Muntari will as well take place in Milan Palazzo Parigi, on April 16, 2015. All proceeds from the evening will support the vulnerable as well as a three-year-old girl called Elena who is suffering from Spinal Muscular Atrophy.





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