My “boobs” are my biggest asset- According to Nikki Samonas

My “boobs” are my biggest asset- According to Nikki Samonas

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Ghanaian actress Nikki Samonas says she likes to flaunt her boobs since they are small and “it’s easier to do that when they are small than when they are heavy”.

The Ghanaian actress and model Nikki Samonas speaking on the “Let’s Talk Entertainment” Show on Multi TV, talked about her career and fashion in the movie industry.awards11

“My boobs are trending…you can’t even wear a bikini when they are heavy”, she said.

According to the actress who is a well-known face in the showbiz industry, small boobs fit perfectly in bikinis than heavy boobs.

The actress also said, she strongly disagrees with the fact that people think actresses and actors are expensive and like competition.

“People just seem happy about the things they acquire or achieve and I think they like to tell the world or share it”.

For her, she says, when she enters a diamond shop and tries on a diamond ring which probably will cost 2 millon, takes a picture of it and puts it on instagram, it is not because she wants to flaunt it, but just to have fun.

“If you buy a new dress and you wear it, you feel good and comfortable in it, you will like to show it or flaunt it; this is part of girls mostly and even the guys do it”. She could easily afford plastic surgery in thailand to enhance her breasts if she wanted too but she seems happy with what she has.


The actress whose career started as a model said acting was actually not her dream:


“I never decided to go into acting, I was handpicked”

Nikki started modeling with Tigo, then followed on with some other modeling agencies; and then moved to Venus films.

Her acting career started with the movie “Beyonce” after the popular television series “Things we do for love” and “Ladies and Gentlemen”. She says, that was how her acting skills were discovered.

The actress stated that it wasn’t her thirst for fame that got her connected to the black stars.

“First of all let me correct this, I have a management, and they promote, characterize and brand me. So most of the things that come out are not necessarily my ideas or thoughts”, she said

She told Showbiz, people should not blame her for some of the things they see or her out there about her.

The actress believes her small body frame gives her the chance to experiment with fashion, basically because for her, “everything just fits”

“Fashion is, ‘if I see it and I like it I try it on, I flow with it’. I just make sure it’s classy”.

According to her Ghanaians are a bit wary or extremely attentive when it comes to fashion and that prompts her to be much careful with the things she wears, what to wear and where to wear them to.

Nikki Samonas who was the faces of Chris Air jewelries between 2010, to 2012, believes that contract sparked her love for jewelries.

She says that was her biggest platform and her dream as a model is to work for Iman Cosmetics.

She used the Lets Talk Entertainment platform to clarify her identity problems, which she says is a big issue for her.

She says she is a Ghanaian with the native name Nana Yaa, half Ashanti and half Greece. Her mum is from Asante Akyem and her dad from Greece.

Source; Joy News


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