Socrates Sarfo to Bisa Kdei- “You are an ungrateful musician

Socrates Sarfo to Bisa Kdei- “You are an ungrateful musician

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Ghanaian movie producer Socrates Sarfo has lashed out at highlife musician Bisa Kdei accusing him of being ungrateful.

Socrates does not understand why the acclaimed highlife musician will go thanking his fans for his success and leave out his producer.

He vented his anger at Bisa Kdei on Facebook Sunday evening shortly after the musician heaped praises on his fans during an interview on Pluzz FM. He wrote, “Bisa Kdei is an ungrateful musician.”

Supporting his comments on Hitz Entertainment News on Monday, Socrates said, “if someone has promoted you and you are thanking the fans and not the producer, isn’t that ungratefulness? They always look down on producers, actors look down on producers, everybody looks down on producers but when they are in dire need then they will be on producers.”

The outspoken producer also recounted Bisa Kdei’s tough journey to fame. He said, “Was it not ‘Azonto Ghost’ that made him popular? It took a film producer Mustafa Adam to be promoting the song, paying the payola and after that Bisa took all the glory he played everywhere and took the money and he couldn’t even say thank you.”

“He played shows and took money for it and after making the name, when you call him to do a song for you, he’ll tell you he won’t do it and start quoting outrageous figures even more than production cost,” the movie producer added.

Asked if the film producers had a contract with Bisa that binds him to perform the songs for the music videos and to pay a percentage of the hit songs to the producers, Socrates said,

“I called you to work for me and why did he even charge me? It wasn’t for free and after doing it who then does it belong to? It’s for me that is why you took the money and the purpose of the song is my movie so if you want to use it for other purposes, then we have to negotiate.”

“Where were those fans when you were roaming and begging for your songs you recorded to be played. Songs that no one had heard before. It was only when the producer paid monies for some of those songs to be played before you even came to the limelight? Nobody knew you, where were those fans,” he added.


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